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Completing 2 Years of Dhammapada — Poornahooti Utsav

Here’s a glimpse of the Poornahooti Utsav, rightfully re-named as the “Poonarjanam” of Lord Buddha’s Dhammapada by Sri Guru as we completed the 2-year journey.

We celebrated the event on the 26th & 27th of December, 2020 with Sri Guru’s Pratyaksh Samagam, unfolding the spiritual, scientific and psychological aspects of the scripture.

From Apoorva Avsar book launch, rejoicing in Bhakti, welcoming Guru Nanak’s Japji Saheb – the event was truly blissful in our Sadguru’s Aura!

Day 1: Feeling the Live Aura

A quick Yoga & Meditation round within the Session:

Releasing book on Apoorva Avsar – authored by Sri Guru

Day 2 – Two Years of Dhammapada on One Page:

Aarti – Celebrating the Supreme presence amongst everything

Welcoming Japji Sahib – the Next Satsang Series beginning on 14th Feb 2020. Mumbai group presents a skit and dance video in honour of welcoming Guru Nanak!

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  1. Amazing Pratyaksh Samagam and Satsang with Sri Guru! Looking forward to Japji Saheb.

  2. Blessed, Graced and Loved to be part of this 3-Day festival in live.

  3. Feeling blessed to be a part of these historic moments 🙏🙏

  4. Very nice pics sweet memories with SRI Guru

  5. Jai krupadu sadguru ji 🙌🌹🙏
    What a wonderful satsangs of poornahouty celebration made me a different experience and relised me how much value it was when we were opened to come and do partyaksh darshane. Thanks mere sadguru ji for giving us a path of truth . It was a wonderful journey of couple years with Dammapada Buddha,s . Thanks prabhu ji 🙏🙌🌹

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