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What is Sadhana at SRM?

During the past one decade, SRM has evolved as a Spiritual Revolutionary Movement which has given another dimension to religion and its beliefs. With continual talks on various scriptures bringing atheism and theism on the same page i.e., spirituality, SRM has touched hundreds and thousands of people who are in quest of true meaning of religion and their existence.

At SRM, the Living Master Sri Ben Prabhu believes in harmonious growth of the seeker through understanding and experience. Since every thought generated within us creates a colony of neurons that wire together, we should ensure that the network of wiring leads to illumination in our life and not fumed in a short-circuit!

Sri Ben Prabhu periodically unfolds various scriptures ranging from atheist and theist philosophy that nourishes seeker’s intellect. Through meditation practices The Master ensures that the understanding gets hardwired in our brains supplying data to the mind which eventually gets transformed into action.

The Base of Sadhana

On one hand, Satsangs on varied scriptures bring clarity of subject and on the other hand meditation enriches the true perception of reality, leading to an experience of fulfilment that grows into natural withdrawal from unreal aspects of life. At SRM The Master has formulated sadhana (Meditation) techniques entwining the following four aspects, which enhance the experience of the seeker.

The First Aspect : Observing The Breath Cycle

Inhalation and exhalation of air is the only physical function of the body that is devoid of any attachment or aversion. We never wish to breathe in more, simply because we love to breathe, nor we stop our breath to express our hatred for the polluted air — We simply let it go on. During sadhana, we first get engaged in this activity that is free of compulsions and goes with us at all times in our life.

The Second Aspect : Flowing with the sound

Sound is the primordial element in Big Bang which is the quality of space around us, hence we are surrounded by sound all the time. These sounds are present at a frequency that is not audible to human ears due to unrest in mind. But these sounds have a certain vibration that can be either created within human body or can be tuned through binaural beats. The Master composes different combinations of sound (human or binaural) to get our body and mind attuned to the infinite space within and around.

The Third Aspect : Energising the Chakras or Kendras

Human body is governed by the duality of chakras and Kendras as the entire creation is manifested in the dual nature. The conscious energy flows between these two poles wiggling its way upwards to unfold the true nature of Reality. An in-depth understanding on the nature and functionality of chakras and kendras is conveyed in discourses by our beloved Master.

The Fourth Aspect : Formulating a technique

An architect designs the blueprint of entire structure because he knows ideation of his creation inside out. Similarly, enlightened Masters precisely know the entire blueprint of physical and astral body. From gross to subtle aspect, the Master knows how to move the energies in a certain manner so that it ascend upwards through spinal track into medulla and then into the limitless possibilities of brain.

Sadhana — a Journey and Destination

On this journey of sadhana, the Master coaches every seeker in a manner that they undergo metamorphosis that intrinsically changes the way they perceive the outer world. The inner reactions of seeker get combusted in the flame of clarity of knowledge giving thrust to move from the limited states of self to the limitless state of existence. The glory of human life is that we can explore our boundless potential on this journey. On the course of this journey every moment culminates in the experience of joy akin to reaching the destination- an Ahaa moment!

Sri Guru revealed a comprehensive meditation technique — the SoHum Kriya, open for people to practice and experience the effects within their body-mind-soul

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